Michele Riva

Staff Engineer @ NearForm

Refactoring large JavaScript codebases
viernes 3, 12:00 - 12:30
Michele Riva


Michele Riva

Staff Engineer @ NearForm

I'm a passionate and experienced software engineer, Google GDE, and Microsoft MVP working full-time on open-source software. I currently work as a Staff Engineer at NearForm while traveling the world to speak at international conferences. I am also developing Lyra, the next-generation full-text search engine written entirely in TypeScript. I am always up for speaking about software, philosophy, photography... or literally whatever comes to your mind!



Refactoring large JavaScript codebases

What happens if you're in a small team and need to refactor a huge JavaScript codebase? What if you have to upgrade your code following the latest ECMAScript specifications? Updating hundreds of thousands of files by hand seems not the best possible option, so here comes the concept of codemods. In this talk, we will see how JavaScript gets interpreted, transformed, and eventually compiled so that refactoring a large codebase won't be a problem anymore.

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